Constitution Hill

Champion Hurdle: The Unbeaten Streak Continues

In the world of National Hunt racing, maintaining an unbeaten streak is a testament to a horse's enduring class and skill. Constitution Hill's journey through the Champion Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival is a prime example of this exceptional prowess. This race, one of the most prestigious in the hurdle racing calendar, was a platform where Constitution Hill not only competed but excelled, reinforcing his position as a top-tier racehorse.

  • The Build-up to the Race: The anticipation leading up to the Champion Hurdle was intense, with racing enthusiasts keenly awaiting Constitution Hill's performance.
  • Race Day Performance: On the day, Constitution Hill's performance was nothing short of spectacular. He showcased his trademark speed and agility, navigating the hurdles with ease and maintaining a commanding presence throughout the race.

This race was not just another victory; it was a reaffirmation of Constitution Hill's unbeatable form. Winning at Cheltenham is a feat that places a horse in an elite group, and Constitution Hill's triumph here added another prestigious title to his growing list of accolades. This race, like his previous ones, was not merely about winning but about how he won – with a dominance that left both spectators and competitors in awe. As he crossed the finish line, it was clear that Constitution Hill was not just maintaining an unbeaten streak; he was setting a new standard in hurdle racing.

Constitution Hill's Latest Performance

Constitution Hill has achieved a series of major victories in his racing career, which have significantly contributed to his fame and reputation in the world of National Hunt racing. Here's a summary of his major wins:

  1. Andy Stewart – Sandown Park’s Great Friend ‘NH’ Novices Hurdle (Sandown, 4th December 2021): This race marked one of the earliest notable victories for Constitution Hill, showcasing his potential as a rising star in hurdle racing.
  2. Tolworth Hurdle (Sandown, 8th January 2022): A significant early win in his career, the Tolworth Hurdle at Sandown further established Constitution Hill as a formidable competitor in hurdle races.
  3. Supreme Novices’ Hurdle (Cheltenham, 15th March 2022): Winning the Supreme Novices' Hurdle at Cheltenham was a major achievement, underlining his capabilities as a top-class hurdler.
  4. Fighting Fifth Hurdle (Newcastle, 26th November 2022): Constitution Hill's victory in the Fighting Fifth Hurdle at Newcastle added another prestigious title to his growing list of accomplishments.
  5. Christmas Hurdle (Kempton, 26th December 2022 and 2023): Winning the Christmas Hurdle at Kempton not once but twice, in consecutive years, further cemented his reputation as a dominant force in the sport.
  6. Champion Hurdle (Cheltenham, 14th March 2023): Perhaps the most significant victory in his career to date, winning the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham solidified Constitution Hill's status as one of the leading hurdlers.
  7. Aintree Hurdle (Aintree, 13th April 2023): His most recent major win, the Aintree Hurdle, added to his impressive record, showcasing his consistency and excellence in hurdle racing.

These victories, apart from showcasing Constitution Hill's racing prowess, also highlight the effective partnership between him and his jockey, Nico De Boinville, under the skilled training of Nicky Henderson. His career earnings, accolades, and the margins by which he has won races reflect his outstanding abilities and mark him as a remarkable horse in the history of National Hunt racing​​​​​​.

Training and Preparation: Behind the Scenes

The exceptional performance of Constitution Hill on the racecourse is underpinned by rigorous training and meticulous preparation. Behind every flawless jump and every strategic sprint lies a well-structured training regime, orchestrated by the experienced trainer Nicky Henderson. Henderson, known for his expertise in conditioning top-class racehorses, has played a pivotal role in honing the skills of Constitution Hill. The training process is not just about physical endurance and speed; it's a comprehensive approach that encompasses mental conditioning, dietary plans, and routine health checks, ensuring the horse is in peak condition for every race.

Understanding the unique needs of each horse is key to successful training. For Constitution Hill, the training regime was tailored to maximize his natural abilities while ensuring his wellbeing. Regular training sessions included varied workouts to build stamina and strength, coupled with hurdle practice to refine his jumping technique. This holistic approach to training has been a significant factor in Constitution Hill's consistent performance. It's a testament to the dedication and expertise of Henderson and his team, highlighting their commitment to nurturing and developing top racing talent.

Training and Preparation: Behind the Scenes

Constitution Hill at Kempton: Dominating the Christmas Hurdle 

Constitution Hill's dominance was particularly evident at the Christmas Hurdle at Kempton, an event that further solidified his reputation as one of the premier hurdlers in National Hunt racing. The Christmas Hurdle, a prestigious race in the UK's horse racing calendar, provided a perfect stage for Constitution Hill to display his extraordinary racing prowess. His performance in this race was not just a victory but a demonstration of superiority, marked by remarkable agility and control.

  • Course Familiarity: Constitution Hill's familiarity with the Kempton course played a crucial role in his performance. Understanding the nuances of the track allowed him to navigate the hurdles with remarkable precision.
  • Race Execution: On the day of the race, Constitution Hill executed a near-flawless performance. His ability to maintain a consistent pace while effortlessly clearing hurdles showcased his exceptional talent and training.

This race at Kempton was a testament to Constitution Hill's status as a leading figure in hurdle racing. His display of skill, speed, and agility was a masterclass in hurdle racing, captivating spectators and reaffirming his position at the pinnacle of the sport. The Christmas Hurdle victory was not just another win on his record; it was a clear statement of his unmatched capabilities and potential to be remembered as one of the greats in horse racing history.

Challenges and Setbacks: Overcoming Obstacles

In the journey of any great sports figure, be it human or equine, challenges and setbacks are inevitable. Constitution Hill's career, though marked by significant successes, has also seen its fair share of hurdles (both literal and figurative). Overcoming these obstacles has been a crucial part of his journey, demonstrating not just his physical prowess but also his resilience and adaptability. These challenges range from race-specific issues, such as dealing with different track conditions and competitors, to broader concerns like maintaining peak physical condition and navigating the racing calendar's demands.

One notable aspect of dealing with setbacks is the role of the trainer and support team. Nicky Henderson and his team have been instrumental in managing these challenges, ensuring that Constitution Hill is always in the best possible condition for each race. Their expertise in addressing any health concerns, adjusting training regimes, and making strategic decisions about race entries has been a key factor in Constitution Hill's ability to bounce back from any difficulties faced. This aspect of his career highlights the importance of a supportive and knowledgeable team in the making of a champion.

The Jockey's Perspective: Riding Constitution Hill 

The role of the jockey in horse racing is often as crucial as the horse's capabilities. Riding Constitution Hill, one of the most celebrated horses in recent times, is a unique experience that combines skill, strategy, and an intimate understanding of the horse's abilities and temperament. Nico de Boinville, the primary jockey for Constitution Hill, has played a significant role in the horse's successes. His insights into riding this exceptional horse provide a fascinating perspective on what makes Constitution Hill stand out.

  • Connection with the Horse: De Boinville's connection with Constitution Hill is evident in their races. Understanding the horse's cues and responding appropriately is a skill that he has mastered, contributing significantly to their success.
  • Race Strategies: Each race presents its own set of challenges, and de Boinville's strategies in handling these situations while riding Constitution Hill are integral to their victories. From pacing and positioning to timing their moves, his decisions are crucial in navigating the complexities of each race.

De Boinville's experiences and perspectives provide a deeper understanding of Constitution Hill's racing style and the dynamics of their partnership. It's a testament to the synergy between horse and rider, a key component in the world of horse racing.

The Jockey's Perspective: Riding Constitution Hill 

Impact on Racing: Constitution Hill's Legacy and Influence 

Constitution Hill's impact on the world of horse racing extends far beyond his individual achievements. His presence in the sport has had a ripple effect, influencing various aspects of racing and setting new benchmarks for excellence. This impact can be seen in several areas:

  • Influence on Training and Breeding: Constitution Hill's success has implications for training methods and breeding decisions. His performance and physical attributes may influence how trainers prepare young horses and how breeders make pairing decisions.
  • Inspiration for Future Generations: As a high-profile and successful horse, Constitution Hill serves as an inspiration for future generations of jockeys, trainers, and racing enthusiasts. His achievements demonstrate what is possible in the sport and provide a model of excellence to aspire to.

The legacy of a horse like Constitution Hill is multifaceted, encompassing his direct achievements on the track, as well as his broader influence on the sport of horse racing. His career not only showcases a series of remarkable victories but also sets a standard for what can be achieved in National Hunt racing. The reverberations of his success will likely be felt for years to come, as he inspires new approaches, techniques, and aspirations within the horse racing community.

Constitution Hill's 2024 Campaign: A Preview of Prestigious Races

As we delve into the 2024 racing calendar for Constitution Hill, the focus is on his participation in some of the most prestigious events in the National Hunt racing circuit. Trained by Nicky Henderson, this exceptional horse has already carved out a notable reputation in the racing world, and his upcoming races are highly anticipated.

The centrepiece of Constitution Hill's 2024 campaign is undoubtedly the Champion Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival, scheduled for Tuesday, March 12. This Grade 1 race is a pinnacle event in the National Hunt calendar, attracting the finest hurdle racing talent. Constitution Hill's entry into this race is particularly noteworthy considering his outstanding track record and current form, marking him as a significant contender.

Besides the Champion Hurdle, there is also anticipation around Constitution Hill's potential participation in the Aintree Hurdle. This race is another key fixture in the National Hunt season and is known for featuring top-tier hurdlers. The inclusion of Constitution Hill in the Aintree Hurdle would undoubtedly enhance the competitive nature of the race and draw considerable interest from the racing community.

These events form a part of a strategic schedule designed to optimize Constitution Hill's performance, ensuring he competes at the highest levels in the most esteemed races. His participation in these events is eagerly awaited by fans and experts alike, who are keen to witness the continued success of this champion horse on the racing circuit.


As we reflect on the remarkable journey of Constitution Hill, it is clear that his impact on the world of horse racing has been profound and multifaceted. From his meteoric rise as a young horse with immense potential to his dominant performances in some of the most prestigious races in National Hunt racing, Constitution Hill has captivated audiences and cemented his status as one of the greats in the sport. His career, marked by a series of impressive victories, has not only showcased his extraordinary abilities but has also highlighted the significance of effective training, strategic race planning, and the invaluable bond between horse and rider